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An initiative chaired by Vint Cerf

It’s time the Internet reached every corner of the globe. 

Half of all the people on the planet- 3.7 billion people have no reliable access to the Internet. The People Centered Internet is chaired by Vint Cerf. We are working closely with our partners at IEEE, the World Economic Forum, World Bank, Internet Society, NSRC and 100MLives to connect communities around the world. Let’s make sure the Internet reaches everyone.

You can help.

As a PCI Participant, not only will you be supporting a vital global movement, but you will receive regular exclusive insights from Vint Cerf and early access to PCI events. In addition to receiving critical briefings on international efforts, you will also have the opportunity to directly participate in PCI projects.

PCI’s partners include World Economic Forum, World Bank, IEEE, IFLA and the Internet Society, and we are on the World Economic Forum’s Internet For All steering committee. Together we are developing a global impact grid so we can share breakthroughs and benefits quickly, using local projects to create global learning.

Central to PCI is the selection, implementation and measurement of real-world Internet roll-out initiatives. This give us unique access to in-country data as well as global metadata from markets containing billions of new Internet users, which can be used by PCI sponsors to inform decision-making and strategic investments.

This worldwide roll-out presents an incredible window of opportunity for those involved. Those on the ground as new markets are opened up will have access to critical market intelligence and insights, and have the platform to shape how billions of people use the Internet.

How can you participate in the PCI initiative?

PCI’s Individual Participant get early access to PCI events and briefings, as well as exclusive regular updates from Vint Cerf. They can also directly participate and contribute to projects. Sign up below »

Participant Organizations can be NGOs, governmental or corporates, and can participate in one or more Working Groups and get exposure at our events. Sign up below »

Consortium of PCI Institutional Participants (TCP/IP) range from corporations to NGOs, government departments and philanthropic endeavors. Consortium Institutional Participants may be invited to sit on our committees and have early access to the information we gather from projects worldwide. The highest level of Anchor Institutional Participant (Anchor TCP/IP) includes engagement with our steering committee and personal access to the leadership team.

TCP/IP or The Consortium of PCI Institutional Participants provide technologies that we can use to manage large numbers of projects and the resulting new market data. They range from CRM systems to hardware, deployable LTE to communications infrastructure, networking tools to reporting platforms.

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